Christians are living their lives confused, frustrated, and defeated. They are trying to believe God and trust in God to receive all of the provisions and promises the word tells them are available to them. As they go through their daily lives, to simply say, have faith in God or just trust God, is frustrating to the believer, does not make sense, and does not relieve the pressures of life.

This book has been written to put the believer on the right track to begin the journey of living a life of faith trusting in the word of God. As a Christian, we must understand that to live the life God has promised us, there are some things we must do to receive the manifestation of those promises. The main thing we must do as Christians is stop looking to the natural world to receive from God. God is a supernatural God. Everything associated with God is supernatural through faith.

By reading this book, Christians will learn how to stop living a life that bounces back and forth between the natural world and the word of God. This book will show how to change from the world's way of living to living a life of faith with God, filled with all of His promises and blessings.


--Dr. Jacques Anthony Hughes Sr.